How to Clean the Shower Head

Your shower head will be clogged with mineral deposits from water as time goes by and will not performance like it used to. Sometimes it causes unstable water pressure. What’s you need to do is thoroughly clean it to get a better water flow. Here are many great tips to get your shower head back to work with peak performance.

clean shower head with thin wire

Towel, container, thin wire, pliers, abandoned toothbrush

Cleaning Process
1. Remove your shower head. Use the pliers to loosen the head when you find it’s really hard to remove the head. Keep in mind to take a wide rubberband to protect it from scratches.
2. Dip the shower head to the container filled with white vinegar (mixing with 2-3 inches of white vinegar), and make sure soak the faceplate completely.
3. Don’t soak THE head for more than 30 minutes as most of shower heads come with brass.
4. Use a thin wire to clear any clogs.
5. Use the toothbrush to clean mineral deposits.
6. Repeat the process more than 3 times.

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