Top 3 Meat Slicers in 2015

If you have a big family or need to plan a big party, slicing foods like meat, cheeses or other tough vegetables is one of the most time-consuming job in your preparation. Having your own meat slicer would be the best choice. Although a meat slicer is expensive and might like a luxury, but it’s the helpful home appliance that can save you lots of time and make some heavy job easier. However, I’m not going to convince you the same way but just provide you with few useful information. If you’re a huge fan of cheese and have to spend at least $6 per week on slicing cheese, you will be excited about the idea. I have picked up top 3 meat slicer in the market to help you make a smart decision.

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meat slicer

The first meat slicer I wish to bring your attention to is the one that we think would best meet slicer that can meet any needs in your kitchen. The reason why I introduce you to this product is that it’s cheap, but the features and styles of this meat slicer are obviously worth the money. The Chef’s Choice 615 Premium Electric Food Slicer has the ability to slice the food easily whenever you need a deep clean.

The Chef’s Choice VariTilt #632 is designed by the German. The meat slicer is powered with a powerful 100W engine that’s situated in a cradle of stainless and cast-aluminum which makes it durable enough to continue for a long time. Then the chef may cut bread or a tomato, or alternative veggies, beef. I do not observe why the appliance can’t be worn by you and operate a cabbage for cole slaw or sauerkraut through it. I would suggest cleaning the knife. Because it merely weighs around 10pounds it is not difficult to set up a shop. It is not nasty looking to so that it could be left by you to the counter-top if you want.

Well, the last one is the most popular model in each chef’s forum, it’s called Chef’s Choice 690, which is a budgeted food slicer. It comes with some great features, like the aluminum components and stainless steel, what’s more, it has merely a 7-inch blade as well as a price tag. It is really a good choice for people who are worrying about the quality and looking for a reliable brand.

How to Clean the Shower Head

Your shower head will be clogged with mineral deposits from water as time goes by and will not performance like it used to. Sometimes it causes unstable water pressure. What’s you need to do is thoroughly clean it to get a better water flow. Here are many great tips to get your shower head back to work with peak performance.

clean shower head with thin wire

Towel, container, thin wire, pliers, abandoned toothbrush

Cleaning Process
1. Remove your shower head. Use the pliers to loosen the head when you find it’s really hard to remove the head. Keep in mind to take a wide rubberband to protect it from scratches.
2. Dip the shower head to the container filled with white vinegar (mixing with 2-3 inches of white vinegar), and make sure soak the faceplate completely.
3. Don’t soak THE head for more than 30 minutes as most of shower heads come with brass.
4. Use a thin wire to clear any clogs.
5. Use the toothbrush to clean mineral deposits.
6. Repeat the process more than 3 times.

Outdoor Ceiling Fans for Garden

Outdoor ceiling fans are meant to install outside the room or in your garden. These fans are different from the indoor ceiling fans. Outdoor ceiling fans are made to handle adverse atmospheric conditions like high moisture and high fluctuations in temperature. These can be categorized into two types as damp rated and wet rated outdoor ceiling fans. Damp rated fan is one which is not exposed to the rain and moisture conditions while wet rated fans are designed to withstand the frequent rain and moisture conditions. Outdoor ceiling fans are available in different tastes. You can compare the quality brand, speed, price and CFM (cubic feet of air per minute) and decide which one to buy. Outdoor ceiling fans are meant to bring the outside breeze inside but they can’t change the temperature. If cool air is required in hot weather then high CFM fans are needed. It produces a chilling effect in hot weathers using its high CFM fans technology. Here is a list of best outdoor ceiling fans based on different criteria so before buying anyone, you can compare which one suits your needs best.

garden ceiling fan

Fans rated with high CFM produce cooling effect in hot climate and keep bugs away from the house. If the location where the outdoor fan is to be installed has salt air environment (in case the location is closer to an ocean) then you should choose a wet rated ceiling fan. If the fan is to be installed in a hot weather where sun rays are directly falling over it, you can consider outdoor ceiling fans having UV coating. Metallic fans make them costly but give a better look. So you can consider what is more important for you. Cheaper fans can’t withstand the salt air environment even if they are wet rated. Wet rated ceiling fans can be installed inside the house also where the moisture condition is high like in bathroom and laundry etc. If you are staying at a place where electricity bills are high you may like to consider an energy saving rated fan consider factors like power usage and efficiency (number of CFMs per watt)一 The list of ceiling fans we have discussed are:

1. Wet rated outdoor ceiling fans
2. Damp rated outdoor ceiling fans
3. Salt air environment rated fans
4. Energy and high efficiency rated fans
5. High CFM rated fans.
There is a lot to choose from branded outdoor ceiling fans are made by GE (general electric company) and a wide range from different brands is available on online sites.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Stainless Steel Sinks for Your Home

The sink serves as one of the most important part of your home. Choosing a design for your sink can often be tricky if you are doing for the first time. Stainless steel sinks are among the popular options you’ll come across. They are manufactured by drawing thin sheets of stainless steel in order to shape the sink. They are ideal for the kitchen and bathroom. Below are reasons why you should consider installing stainless steel sinks in your home.

 Stainless Steel Sinks

They are made from stainless steel which is obviously durable. Sinks made from stainless steel are not susceptible to cracking, chipping, staining and fading. They remain attractive for a number of years after installation regardless of regular exposure to conditions that can lead to damage.

Stainless steel is affordable when compared to other high-end materials used in the manufacture of sinks. Their prices vary slightly depending on their configuration and size. However, remain to be the least expensive options you will find on the market without compromising on quality.

Constantly upgraded
Stainless steel sinks are upgraded and improved on a regular basis depending on the latest developments in the industry. This is the reason why newer sinks are less noisy and thicker when compared to their predecessors. You are assured of better designs whenever you need to redesign your home in the future.

Easily maintained
Stainless steel sinks have a surface that is easy to clean. They do not require special cleaning in order to maintain their beautiful surface. Additionally, the surface does not easily harbor bacteria which can often be harmful to human health. You only need to clean them using a soft towel and a household cleanser.

Bigger bowl capacity
Stainless steel is light but has very strong properties that allow it to be turned into deeper and larger bowls. Such bowls are not easy to form with other materials such as cast iron.

Resistant to rust
Stainless steel is designed with a rich glow that is resistant to corrosion. Most of the finishes have a satin luster or a mirror-like shine.

They can be fitted in the decor and style of almost all types of kitchens. It is also possible to shape stainless steel into any desirable customized space. They are also designed with different finishes that fit into different kitchen styles.

Stainless steel sinks are a worth investment for all homeowners who value the look of their home. They have undergone diverse developments since their introduction and you can be sure to get a design that will strike your nerves